“Where we've been says something
about where we are trying to go.”
-Nathan Howard 

The Howard family traces it roots in construction to the formation of A.C. Johnston & Son coal company of Joliet, Illinois in 1892. Over the next 50 years, A.C. Johnson & Son's main focus was on road-building and its coal/oil/lumber services.

Eventually, the road construction business evolved to become Johnston Roadbuilders. The owners of the company – Starr and Charles Johnston – formed a partnership with their brother-in-law Bill Howard in 1942, which was called Rockford Blacktop. In the 1960s, Bill Howard purchased the company; since then, Rockford Blacktop has continuously grown in size and scope of services. In 2009, the construction group was renamed William Charles Construction.

While change is part of the construction industry, we are proud that the core values of the company founders remain in practice today. The main philosophy of William Charles Construction comes right from our 1952 company brochure – “DOING THE JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME”, and recognizing that we are a TEAM BUSINESS.

We are proud to build on the solid record established by the founders and embraced by decades of employees. Our commitment is to continue to be the best, by offering the finest services to our customers, employees, owner, and communities. As a result of our skilled people, safety record, business ethics, and community service, we continually strive to be a leader in all we do.