Environmental Contractors, Inc.

PORTFOLIO: Marina Cliffs / Northern Barrel NPL Site

ECI cleared, grubbed, and regarded an 18-acre former drum site on a bluff above Lake Michigan. In addition, we constructed an earthen surface water division berm, as well as a site drainage pad and on-site soils tagging facility, both with perimeter curbing and a drainage collection system. We excavated lagoon material, including dewatering and stockpiling on staging pad. And we performed dewatering activities, such as onsite pre-treatment with an oil/water separator and carbon vapor system.

The final grading of the excavation included cutting down the bluff face 20 feet deep to create a stable condition. ECI conducted real-time air monitoring not only within the excavation area, but also along adjacent residential areas to ensure safety and quality standards were being met.

Location: Milwaukee County, South Milwaukee, WI
Owner:Marina Cliffs/Northwestern Barrel Site Performing Parties
Architect:Conestoga-Rovers and Associates