Environmental Contractors, Inc.

PORTFOLIO: BP Amoco Chemical Refinery NPL Site

Three landfill caps (25 acre, 5 acre, 2 acre) and quad pond regrading. Landfill work included waste relocation, grading, leachate forcemain system installation, compaction, surveying, liner system installation, frost protection soil cover, and placement of black dirt, seed and mulching with permanent erosion control. The liner consisted of a geosynthetic clay liner, 40-mil LLDPE liner, and geocomposite drainage liner.

Quad pond work consisted of regrading a 20-acre lagoon and creating a 5-acre clay lined detention basin complete with watertight piping, manhole, and outlet structure. The quad pond was finished with black dirt, seed and mulch.

Location: Will County, Joliet, IL 
Owner:BP Amoco
Architect: Conestoga-Rovers and Associates, Inc.