Heavy/Highway Division

PORTFOLIO: ISTHA 1-90/I-39 Illinois State Tollway Interchange

ISTHA I-90 I-39_Main

William Charles Construction – Heavy/Highway Division realigned and reconstructed the existing I-90/I-39 interchange, including 9,000 LF of mainline on eastbound/westbound I-90 and I-39, construction of three bridges including a 1,000 LF design/build flyover structure, and construction of a new off-ramp for traffic detour.

  • Earth Excavation 
525,900 CY
  • Aggregate Base
228,300 TN
  • Asphalt Pavement
147,400 TN
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall
41,500 SF
  • Storm Sewer
14,615 LF
  • Underdrain
53,500 LF
  • Design-Build Bridges
1,250 LF
  • Location
Cherry Valley, IL