Heavy/Highway Division

PORTFOLIO: ISTHA Eastbound Jane Addams Memorial Tollway I-90

ISTHA I90 Main

William Charles Construction – Heavy/Highway Division constructed 7.8 miles of hot-mix asphalt pavement, including rubblization and reconstruction of two eastbound lanes. We added one new lane on the inside median, constructed temporary pavement, and provided maintenance of traffic, storm sewers, earthwork, pavement markings, lighting, signing, guardrail and landscaping. In addition, we widened and reconstructed the bridge substructure and provided partial superstructure removal and reconstruction of mainline bridges and over-crossings.

  •  Earth Excavation
418,800 CY 
  •  Aggregate Base
427,100 TN
  •  Asphalt Pavement
292,050 TN
  •  PCC Pavement Rubblization
45,100 SY
  • Storm Sewer
45,060 LF
  •  Underdrain
117,090 LF
  • Design-Build Bridges
1,250 LF
  • Location
Rockford, IL