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Civil & Heavy Highway
  • I-39 Illinois State Tollway
    ISTHA 1-90/I-39 Illinois State Tollway Interchange
  • Biggsville Expressway
    Biggsville Expressway
  • South Main Street Reconstruction Project
    South Main Street Reconstruction
  • Illinois Route 2 Reconstruction
  • Woodward Campus Project
    Woodward, Inc Rock Cut Campus
  • Rock River Water Reclamation District Fuller Creek Trunk Sewer, Phase B
  • Reconstruction of IL 173
    Reconstruction of IL 173 from Alpine Road to I-90
  • Reconstruction of East State Street & Bell School Road
  • Chicago Rockford International Airport Rehabilitate Runway 1/19 Phase 3
  • Rockford Airport
    Chicago Rockford International Airport Rehabilitate Runway 1/19 Phase 4
  • Jane Adams Memorial (I-90) ITS Extension and I-39 Northbound Dynamic Message Sign Project
  • Genoa Road Interchange
    Genoa Road Interchange with Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) Reconstruction
  • Avon Street MGP Site Remediation
  • Fordam Dam Site Remediation
  • Waukegan Tannery Site Remediation
  • Naperville Sportsman’s Park Site Remediation
  • Scott Air Force Base Final Landfill Cap
  • Winnebago Landfill West Expansion
  • Jane Adams I-90 Reconstruction
  • Kansas City Southern (KCS) Mossville Yard Expansion
  • Port Laredo
    Union Pacific (UP) Port Laredo Intermodal Facility