Environmental Contractors, Inc.

PORTFOLIO: Scott Air Force Base Final Landfill Cap, Belleville Illinois


Environmental Contractors Inc. completed the final landfill cap project at the Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois. Remediated two areas of environmental concern: a former fire training area and a former explosives disposal area. A shooting range on base was also remediated by treating lead contaminated soil. Mosquito Creek was remediated by providing a temporary by-pass pumping system of the 1,500 LF creek while contaminated soil was excavated; the creek was restored and reopened. Relocation of existing landfill waste and grading took place on an existing two cell landfill system; final capping was completed using an HDPE liner and cover soil. Contract Value $10M.
Construction Years 2011-2013

Location:Belleville, Illinois
Owner:U.S. Air Force - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Architect: -