Environmental Contractors, Inc.


PORTFOLIO: Private Utility Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation, Rockford, IL


 Environmental Contractors Inc. (ECI) performed the work as the prime contractor for this project. Work included excavation, transportation and disposal of approximately 190,000 tons of impacted Hazardous and Nonhazardous soils and concrete debris. The work took place within the city limits of Rockford, Illinois and had a high level of visibility with the surrounding residential properties and city officials. Excavation depths were in excess of 30’ deep and groundwater was encountered at depths of 10’ deep. Continuous dewatering was required along with water treatment activities prior to discharge. Over 8 million gallons of water was pumped from the excavation limits and treated prior to discharging into the cities sanitary sewer system. The dewatering and water treatment were performed by subcontractors but ECI assisted in managing these trades in combination with our excavation process. The project also required design and installation of earth retention systems along a common property line with active rail spur/yard. Management of sampling, surveying, dewatering, water treatment and excavation were critical to deliver the project within budget and scheduled milestones. In addition to the excavation of impacted soils, ECI had to import in excess of 150,000 Tons of backfill which consisted of processed stone, clay and topsoil.

Contract Years 2014-2014

Location:    Rockford, IL
Owner:    Private Client
Architect:     -